Islamic Institute of Theology

Khatme Nubuwwat Center is the Islamic Institute of Theology. KNC was founded in 2013. We strive to clarify the theological boundaries of Islam and to produce organic Muslim communities, centers for Islamic learning and Masajid. 

What does "khatme nubuwwat" mean?  It translates, "finality of prophethood.” The Muslim belief is that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the last and final Messenger/Prophet of God (the Exalted) to be born in the world. This tenant of Islam is so essential that the slightest doubt in its validity may bring ones faith to ruin. Before Prophet Muhammad ﷺ,  there have been many illustrious prophets of God (the Exalted), whom were born, such as  Jesus and Moses (may peace be upon them both), and many others, which totals up to approximately 124,000.  All previous teachings however have now been made inactive due to the arrival of the final prophet of God (the Exalted), Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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To further enhance your knowledge of Islam, you may contact us for a FREE one-on-one meeting with a scholar of Islam at KNC (Alexandria, VA)  or (Front Royal, VA). 

KNC (front royal, VA) features the following: 

  • men's prayer hall (masjid) 
  • women's prayer hall (musellah)
  • men's dining/conference hall
  • women's dining/conference room
  • children's play area
  • two class rooms
  • office 
  • library
  • gym
  • kitchen

KNC (alexandria, VA) features the following: 

  • men's prayer hall (musellah 
  • women's prayer hall (musellah)
  • two class rooms
  • office 
  • ​kitchen​